Jobs by Security

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Workers from different professions and the machines that eventually replaced them are arranged on a timeline: 2000BC: Wheel replaces Egyptian Slaves. 1450: Printing Press replaces Monks. 1790: Sewing Machine replaces your Grandma. 1908: Automobiles Horse-Drawn Carts. 1950: Robots replace Factory Workers. 1990: Email replaces Mail Carriers. A huge gap follows... 20XX: Programmers are replaced by their own creation - Artificial Intelligence - in a machine war.

An hommage to the famous xkcd: Purity. Drawn by Ben Serrette.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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The sun sets behind Frankfurt's skyline and
        tints the calm water of the Main river and
        the clear sky orange.
        All one can see are the dark silhouettes of curches and skyscapers and
        two lonely contrails in the sky.

Cambridge, UK

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A beautiful winter day in Cambridge that feels more like autumn.
        A few swans cause ripples in the river which reflects bridges and trees along
        its banks.
        The sun is going down and lets Clare College appear in a golden shine.

Taken from the Garret Hostel Bridge looking down the Cam in southern direction and revealing parts of Clare College’s “Old Court”.

How many computer scientists does it take to …

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A comic strip.
        Panel 1:
        Guy hands his colleague a specification: 'Hey Archenon, I need you to write a multi-GPU accelerated solver for
        this 27-dimensional two-phase incompressible Navier-Strokes equation.'
        Archenon: 'No prob!'.
        Panel 2:
        A close-up of Archenon's sun glasses. They reflect 0s and 1s from his computer screen.
        Panel 3:
        Archenon on a different day in front of his computer.
        His head burried in his hands out of despair thinking: 'How do I place an order in this online super-market?'.
        Panel 4:
        The same as panel 3 except Archenon is now a skeleton.


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A comic strip.
        Panel 1 is titled 'Before female quota':
        The boss introduces a new female worker: 'Dear employees, please welcome your new colleague'.
        Employees (thinking): 'I wonder if she was hired because of her skills or her looks...'.
        Panel 2 is titled 'After female quota' and shows the same picture as panel 1,
        but now the employees think: 'I wonder if she was hired because of her skills or
        because we need to fulfill our quota...'.

EA, bringt Euch das ins Grübeln?

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A rant about EA and the release of Battle Field 3.
        It critisizes how a paying customer is forced to deal with a
        faulty Origin(TM) client and faulty servers in an hour-long,
        stressful and frustrating debugging process, while
        a cracker can start enjoying the game immediately without any hazzle.

Revisiting ASVOs


In this article I would like to revisit “Animated Sparse Voxel Octrees” (ASVOs) and voxels in general. Since the release of my bachelor thesis in March 2011, many things happened in the voxel graphics world and I gained a new view on my work, which I’d like to share with you.


  1. Developments in voxels over the last year
  2. Short summary of my work
  3. Conclusion
more …

Where our society is headed

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A comic strip.
        Panel 1:
        A cop takes cover behind the door of his car and
        commands the suspect, who is threatening to kill himself, to
        drop his knife.
        Panel 2:
        As the suspect slowly moves his knife towards his throat,
        he gets shot in the head.
        Panel 3:
        The newspaper's headline the next day: 'Cop prevents suicide.'

Educating our future Programmers

A comic strip.
        Panel 1 takes place in the year 2011:
        A programmer who is reviewing some code, calls his colleague and
        advises him: 'Dude! don't use raw arrays, they're evil.
        What if you access an index outside the boundaries?
        Use std::vector.'
        Panel 2 takes place in the year 2015:
        The same programmer calls his colleague again and advises him:
        'Dude don't use raw ints, they're evil. They can overflow.
        Use Integer.'
        His colleague: 'What about raw arrays?'
        Programmer 1 collapses out of despair.