How many computer scientists does it take to …

A comic strip.
        Panel 1:
        Guy hands his colleague a specification: 'Hey Archenon, I need you to write a multi-GPU accelerated solver for
        this 27-dimensional two-phase incompressible Navier-Strokes equation.'
        Archenon: 'No prob!'.
        Panel 2:
        A close-up of Archenon's sun glasses. They reflect 0s and 1s from his computer screen.
        Panel 3:
        Archenon on a different day in front of his computer.
        His head burried in his hands out of despair thinking: 'How do I place an order in this online super-market?'.
        Panel 4:
        The same as panel 3 except Archenon is now a skeleton.

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